Hosting: Sellings your Goods or Services Online

Bullet Proof Monkey has over 10 years experience working with eCommerce sites and has spent a lot of time and investment creating the definitive online shopping software.

Our software is easy to use and allows you to manage your entire online catalogue of products, placing them in an almost unlimited number of categories, complete with advanced searches included as standard to help your customers find the products that they want to buy from you.

The software has more features than are sensible to list on this page, and increases frequently (due to our own customers needs), but here are just some of the features that we're quite fond of.

Sounds Great! But that means its gonna be pricey?

Au Contrair! Our eCommerce solution is designed to keep your customers happy, so you're happy and stay with us. The Software itself is the equivalent of just £25 a month (£300 a year plus £60 hosting) and you can integrate it yourself into your website using our advanced template engine. Alternatively, our designers can create a complete custom built online shopping experience for your customers for just £1200 (plus £300 yearly shopping software licence and £60 hosting).

How do I get my customers money from their Bank Account to mine?

As standard our shopping software includes the ability to take payments via Paypal, Google Checkout and Worldpay but we have experience of integrating shopping software with various other payment providers, such as Protx.

Providing documentation can be obtained we can integrate our shopping software with whoever you choose to use for payments, although we'll probably need to spend some time on the integration to write the code to do it - our coding costs are very competitive.

Need Something Extra?

If you need extra services we can provide any of the following, each of which may incur extra costs If you need extra services we can provide any of the following, each of which may incur extra costs