Bullet Proof Monkey can offer a range of facilities for web hosting enabling us to cater for all of your possible needs and eventualities.

Our standard web hosting package comes complete with 1000MB of Webspace, 15GB of monthly bandwith, 5 AntiSPAM/Antivirus enabled Email Accounts1, and is fully enabled with both Perl and PHP. We'll even include MySQL Database access for you to.

If you're a web designer, our Feature Rich webspace will be of interest to you.

Erm, ok, in English Please

1000MB is the amount of space we allocate to you on our servers. You can store absolutely anything you like in this space, but nothing illegal. 1000MB will hold approximately...

15GB of Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred from your webspace. If you had managed to fill your webspace, then it would be able to be downloaded 15 times in its entirety. To try and explain this better, this website only occupies about 3MB, so in 15GB of bandwidth it could be downloaded 5000 times in a month!!

5 POP Accounts1 allow you to have various email addresses going to different boxes. You can have 5 people downloading different emails from your site, with an almost unlimited number of addresses each. Every email to these accounts is filtered through our AntiSPAM solution (and any found is marked as such) and also checked against a database of recognised viruses, which if found will cause your email to be quarantined.

Perl and PHP are coding technologies designed to allow anybody to create dynamic websites.

MYSQL is the world's most popular open source database and is activated on all accounts allowing you to create database driven dynamic websites.

You can even control your email, databases, and domains associated with your site through our easy to use control panel - and we'll also provide full log file analysis for you so you know people are coming from to view your website and how long they're staying for.

And the Bottom Line?

Our standard web hosting package is simply £7.50 a month, with no setup fees. We'll include a address for you to use, unless you have a domain name, which you can point to our server and we'll make the site work with it.

Alternatively, we can provide domain names for you.

Need Something Extra?

If you need extra services we can provide any of the following, each of which may incur extra costs If you need extra services we can provide any of the following, each of which may incur extra costs

1 5 POP Accounts and unlimited addresses to those accounts are only available with a user defined domain name and not with the free address